2020 Curb Appeal We always read articles that tell us what to do to get your house ready to sell to maximize your net take home. But does it really matter? Aren’t houses in this area selling really quickly no matter what you do to make it look better? The short answer is YES, it really does matter!
2020 If I buy a house, how do I know which school my child will go to? Good schools are one of the many reasons that people are so attracted to this area.  But understanding school scores and school boundaries can seem a bit confusing. Often buyers will tell me which school district they are looking in rather than which city.  Remember that School District boundaries were developed long before city boundaries […]
2020 What’s and ADU? Can I Have One? With the limited availability of affordable housing, there has been lots of discussion about ADUs.  An AUD is an Auxiliary Dwelling Unit. You can think of: Pool House, Granny Unit, In-Law Unit, etc. Typically it is a small house/cottage that a homeowner might build in their back yard. 
2019 Why Do I Need to Fix Up My House to Sell? I get asked this question all the time and the answer is that you don’t HAVE to!  You could walk out the door and sell your house just as it is now without lifting a finger.  This is the easiest thing to do. The problem is, even in this Seller’s market, the buyers will base […]
2019 Good Agent? What Makes a Good Client? I have the great pleasure of being allowed into the lives of my clients during what is arguably one of the more stressful times of their lives. They allow me to take over and manage the delicate and complicated process of buying or selling a house. We hear a lot about what makes a good […]
2019 Real Estate Insurance…Something New to Worry About?! With all the recent wildfires, insurance company bottom lines have been dramatically impacted. We never really worried much about your ability to get insurance…it was almost always available and at a fairly reasonable cost. That is changing…
2019 Capital Gains and Property Taxes?! Ugh … I receive a lot of questions about these 2 types of taxes. Rightfully so…they are complicated. Let me start off with a disclaimer: I am not a Accountant. I am not an Attorney. I cannot give either tax or legal advice (this will make our Attorney happy) but I am the one that gets all […]
2019 I’m moving! What do I do with all my stuff?! Let’s face it, we are collectors. We hold onto many things far longer than we probably should. That said, many of us were raised by people for whom the depression was very real. But it’s almost 2020 and if you are selling your house, you’ll probably need to get rid of a few things (ok, […]
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